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At Will of Africa we don’t just do safaris and share in adventures, we live it!
Our team of guides is passionate about our heritage and the natural environments we travel in. They are all qualified South African guides and all accredited according to the Government
We use professional vehicles that are equipped to traverse any environment and provide you with comfort, even when we are off the beaten track.
 Will of Africa Adventures
We are taking care of all the arrangements, we do bespoke itineraries and design it with the clients, creating a platform to cover as much as possible and the opportunity to limit unnecessary long distances or any places they don’t want to see. We arrange the accommodation, the activities, the suggestions of what work and where we will experience better wildlife interactions.
We travel in the following countries
·         South Africa
·         Namibia
·         Botswana
·         Zimbabwe
·         Zambia
·         Malawi
·         Mozambique
·         Tanzania
·         Swaziland
·         Lesotho
Our vehicles are designed to be self sufficient for up to 5 days in any environment away from civilization.
will of africa   Will of Africa Adventures - vehicle
 Will of Africa Adventures
The world of an adventurer is filled with challenges, experiences, beautiful moments and the memory of a great expedition, at Will of Africa we strive to plan, organise and deliver beautiful and well balanced adventure safaris as guided and or guided self-drives in Southern Africa.
While traveling thru the vastness of our region, are we exposed to so many beautiful landscapes, the diversity of cultures and the difference in the wildlife we experience. From Sossusvlei to Vilanculos, from the Cape Point to South Luangwa National Park, the Etosha to Mana Pools and the Central Kalahari to Lake Malawi is there a moment or an experience that will fill your heart with joy, amazement and extraordinary people.
Will of Africa will guide our clients thru these areas and provide them with professional service, local information and explanation of animal behavior. We will plan the entire trip and guide the route with meticulous planning, professional and qualified guides, provide the back up as well as the services as per your itinerary.

  Will of Africa Adventures

Will of Africa


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